Trump says Filipinos are ‘fascinated’ by women in dress

“The Filipinos have been very intrigued by this because it was not only an American tradition but also an American culture,” he said.

“So it was something that I wanted to be part of.”

Trump’s remarks were his first on the topic of women in the military, which has been a contentious topic for years and has been largely overshadowed by the 2016 presidential election.

Trump said the military is “very, very interested” in the issue of women serving in combat roles.

The first lady, Melania Trump, recently spoke out against the “warrior culture” that exists in the armed forces, but many of the service members are female.

Trump did not say whether he thinks women are more capable than men in combat, and he did not address whether he believes there are women who are better suited to combat.

“I’m not saying that,” he told reporters.

But he did say that he supports the idea that “it’s very important that we have women in combat and that we need to get them in combat.”

“We have to have women,” Trump said.

Asked about his thoughts on the women in uniform, Trump said, “We’ve got to have a strong female military.

We have to get those women.”

He also suggested that the US needs to get more involved in the war on terrorism, saying that it’s important to have “the right people on the ground, the right tools, and the right tactics.”

The first lady and other members of her family have also been vocal supporters of Trump during his presidency, and during his first speech to Congress in March, Melania and Donald Jr. also spoke out about the importance of women’s participation in the US military.

Trump also addressed the issue in a speech in September.

“It is important that women are involved in our military and that they have the opportunity to serve and to be the most effective soldiers,” he explained.

“But the men also have to be very proud that we’re doing it.”

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