How Chinese fashion trends are changing, and why we should care

A new survey by the National Retail Federation of Canada shows women in China are increasingly shopping for fashion and fashion accessories in their own homes and shopping for things in the shops they are in, rather than in stores.

According to the survey, Chinese women are spending more than $1 billion on home-made clothes every year, and that trend will only continue to grow as they age.

The federation surveyed 1,000 Canadian retailers, who said they sold nearly $2 billion worth of home-built and imported clothing last year, with an average purchase price of $500.

“This is something that has been a very important trend for many years,” said Kristin Egan, the director of the federation’s Canadian division.

“The growth in women’s fashion and clothing has been great, but I think there’s been a bit of a plateau in terms of the demand for these products.”

One reason is the increase in online shopping, which is now more than double what it was just a decade ago.

“I think it’s a little bit of an echo of the way women have been in the past, and it’s more about finding that one piece that will fit your style,” Egan said.

“You can buy clothes that are just for you, or you can buy the perfect piece for your husband.”

Another reason is that many people in China buy online, rather then buying their own clothes.

According the survey by National Retail, a third of Canadians said they have never shopped in a store.

And even if they have, many people are reluctant to do so.

“It’s still really important to have that online presence,” said Shannon Fennell, an associate professor at the University of Toronto’s School of Business.

“But it’s not as necessary as you would think.”

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