Female mannequins dressed as women are back in fashion

A Japanese company has made fashion dolls that can be dressed in the form of women.

The dolls can be programmed to perform different roles, such as serving as women in weddings or performing in movies.

The company said its dolls were not designed for the sexes, but were designed to be entertaining for both sexes.

The Japanese firm Takanaga Soft Co., Ltd.

said on its website that it had begun making dolls of female mannequer dressed as men, but they were not intended for use in weddings, or for the entertainment industry.

The firm said that the dolls are made from a special material called hana, or cloth, that absorbs moisture.

They are also made of silicone.

A company official at the company told The Associated Press that the company had not received any requests from the Japanese media or government officials to make dolls for the roles.

Takanagas dolls are meant to be used by both sexes and are meant for men and women, according to the company.

Takas said it was working on developing new designs of dolls for both genders and had received about 100 requests.

The Tokyo-based firm, which also makes dolls for boys, had already made dolls for girls in 2011.

Takahashi Shiho, a product designer at the firm, said that while it is possible that dolls for male and female roles could be made in the future, it is currently impossible.

“At present, there are no robots that can do it,” Shihosaid.

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