Waikato is set to host the first ever World’s Fair in 2018

Waikatipo, a coastal city in the north-west of New Zealand, is set for the first World’s Funfair to be held in 2018.

The first World Fair in the Waikipo region will be held at the New Zealand Fairgrounds from October 25 to 29.

The event will take place on the site of the former Waikapuia’s main airport, which has been closed to the public for the last six years due to the global pandemic.

The facility is owned by the Waichihan National Parks Authority, which is owned and managed by Waikata’s Government.

The theme of the event is “Building a Better World”.

“It’s been a very exciting few years in Waikate.

We’re proud of the work we’ve been able to do here and we’re thrilled to bring this to Waikati,” Waichirah Waihele, Director of Government, Waichatipos National Parks, told News.co.nz.

The Waichipo National Park will host the event.

“This will be our first ever world’s fair,” Waiher said.

“We have an amazing history and history of building world’s faires.

We have a lot of world’s fun going on around Waikatera, and this will be a very special event for all of us.”

There will be more than 200 exhibits to explore, including a giant penguin exhibit, a replica of the first jet ski and an attraction where people will have to climb into a volcano.

The organisers are hoping the event will attract a global audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

“It will be an amazing event and one of the most anticipated in the world,” Wailahina Waihora, who is part of the Waiau First Nation community, told Newshub.

“There are so many people coming to Waichiti, they will want to come and see the amazing history, the history of the region and the amazing people that are involved.”

The event is being hosted by the National Parks Agency, which runs the airport.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved here in Waichituhana, which will be fantastic for the region,” said the agency’s chief executive, Stephen Jones.

“The work we are doing to restore the airport is already proving to be successful.

We are very excited about what the Waiki Pōwhaka Pūkekea will bring to the region.”

Waihee said the organisers were hoping to attract a large number of visitors.

“As part of our mission to bring people to the area, we are looking at bringing more than 20,000 visitors to the park in 2018.”

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