This is what women look like on the island of Bali

The world’s first full-length female swimsuit has been made available in the island’s Bali for the first time.

The $500,000 swimsuit is made of synthetic nylon, a material that has been widely used for swimwear for decades, with a wide range of fabrics and colours.

The design features the face of a female model, with her eyes closed, in a combination that allows for a much more natural look.

It has been designed by the Bali-based brand, Balochistan Dress Female, in collaboration with the designers of the swimwear line, Balenciaga.

A full-sized, 30-piece collection is available in sizes 30-48 and 50-100.

The collection will be available at retailers around the world, including Kohl’s, Walmart and Target.

It’s a bold step for Baloch’s country, where women have long faced harassment and discrimination, despite being a small minority in the population.

According to a report from the International Center for the Study of Women in Asia and the Pacific, there are over 2,000 instances of rape in Baloch in 2017.

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