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For the past two years, the head of the Italian football federation has been in the middle of a gender crisis.

The head of football in the country, Federico Pérez, is currently facing charges of abuse of power for allegedly pressuring his players into changing the way they dress and sporting styles, and the head coach of the team he runs is facing a separate case.

In the midst of all this, Péz and his wife, Carmen, have been asked to change the way their daughters dress, but the head has not agreed to it.

The two, who have a son, have faced similar issues with their own daughter, Carmen.

At first, Carmen was upset with the head and the way she was dressed and was worried about the future of the sport.

“It’s a very personal decision,” Carmen told Football Italian.

“The head has made a mistake, and Carmen is very unhappy.

Carmen is also very close to her father, who is the president of the FFPC.”

My daughter is very excited for the new season, and we are very happy to be able to dress like this in the future.

It will be very difficult for Carmen to accept that she has to change her clothes because of the head’s decision.

“Carmen, who has also played for Roma, Fiorentina and Lazio, also wanted to change to a dress that showed off her long legs, but she was told that this would cause problems for her daughter.”

Carmentina is very sensitive, and it’s not easy for her to accept the change. “

If the head doesn’t like it, Carmen can change her clothing, but if the head wants it, she can’t.”

Carmentina is very sensitive, and it’s not easy for her to accept the change.

I also understand why Carmen is so unhappy.

The way she dresses is not acceptable to her.

She’s a bit too sensitive.

Carmen’s a girl, and as a girl she has a lot to learn.

“When Carmen first began to think about her dress, it was the same as any other teenage girl: she wanted to be a football player.

I don’t know how I managed to play a full season with only two or three years of senior international experience. “

We were always told we were too small to play for Roma,” Carmen said.

“I don’t know how I managed to play a full season with only two or three years of senior international experience.

But it was very difficult.”

After playing just four matches in the Serie A last season, Carmen went on to play in the Europa League with Dinamo Zagreb and Juventus, and scored five goals in her debut campaign.

She has been part of the Fiorence Azzurri, Napoli and Inter Milan squads this season, but Carmen has not yet played a senior game in Italy, where the regulations require her to be at least 18.

“She is a very sensitive girl, but also a very strong girl,” Pésrez said.

He is also the head teacher of a soccer school in the town of Toscana, and is very close with Carmen’s mother, the daughter of one of the football teams, and who is also a member of the president’s executive committee.

“Our mother is very angry with Carmen,” Pesrez said, adding that she had to go to court to have Carmen’s school allowed to use the girls’ toilets.

“She is angry because she sees that the head is pushing Carmen to change in order to be the best player she can be.”

The head of a federation that is supposed to promote and protect the development of women, but which has become a breeding ground for sexism, is also facing charges.

The Football Association has received several complaints about the behaviour of the federation’s women’s team, which includes three of Carmen’s former teammates.

The head, Federica Péez, has faced accusations of abusing his power, bullying, and of trying to pressure his players to change their dress and sports styles, according to Italian news agency ANSA. 

The head is in court on Tuesday (23 January) to defend himself against charges of abusing power, harassing the team, and bullying. 

In response, Pésrado has been ordered to present his evidence and answer questions, according the news agency.

The case has been adjourned until Friday (24 January) when the court will rule on whether Pésrezzera has the right to present the evidence and whether he has the power to adjourn the case.

Pérez is currently the president and chief executive of the Serie B team, Genoa, and a former director of the local football association, La Scala.

He had been in charge of the club for three seasons, but has been under investigation since March over claims of corruption and money laundering, while he is under investigation for allegedly making a sexual advance on Carmen, as well as allegedly making sexual advances on several

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