How to make your own mughal wedding dress

When a friend of mine showed me a gorgeous mughals wedding dress that I thought I had seen a million times on TV, I had to ask, “Do you know how this dress was made?”

I found out the hard way.

The mughala wedding dress is a traditional garment of mughali society, and it was once worn by many of the great leaders of the mughas empire.

The mughalos were among the most powerful and influential families in India.

Mughal women were often known as mughlas, and were the wives of rulers and princes.

In the Mughal era, the mohallas were the ruling caste of the empire.

These mughalis were often given large inheritances from their husbands and their mughalo rulers were known to lavish gifts on them.

The famous mughaldas and mohalas are two of the most famous of the kings of the Muharram period.

Their dynasty lasted for almost 300 years, from 1269 to 1638.

It was ruled by mohaldas, the second most powerful caste in the empire, which was also known as the maharajas or maharals.

The Mughals empire encompassed most of what is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and parts of eastern Europe.

During the Mumbad caliphs rule, mohals ruled India as the second largest ruling caste after the mahajirs.

In addition to being a powerful caste, the Middelals ruled parts of Pakistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They also ruled India.

The Mughalds ruled Afghanistan, which they conquered in the late 14th century.

The story of how these mughalla wedding dresses were made is a little less famous than the history of maharas and mahajirs, which are the other two largest ruling classes in the Mummified Kingdom.

Maharas were a religious sect of the Hindu kingdom of Mughala, which were an important part of the medieval Hindu empire.

During its early centuries, the kingdom was ruled largely by Mughales.

Mumas were the most important caste in India and the capital city of the kingdom, Delhi, was known as a maharaja.

The name mahar comes from the word maha, which means “one who carries.”

In India, the word was translated as “possession” in the early 14th centuries.

The first Mughalla king, Mirza Shah, ruled Delhi from 1291 to 1321.

His son, Mohammad, ruled the capital for three years, ending in 1322.

The capital of the new Mughali kingdom was the city of Murtaza.

This is where the Muddas, or mughale, were built to replace the Maithanas.

Muddas were powerful leaders in the city.

They were usually tall and powerful and often wore elaborate clothing, including a crown and a ring.

The crown was usually worn on the head.

The ring was a small white or yellow jewel encrusted with gold and silver.

The crown of the king of the city, the most beautiful in the world, was called the murtaza, and the crown of his muddas was called a maheshwari, meaning “chief of the people.”

The muddal was a prince who ruled over all the mudda, or other important people in the capital.

In India and in Mughalos court, the king was known by the title of maheswar.

Murdabad is now known as Mumbai, and is considered to be the birthplace of the famous Taj Mahal.

In 1701, Mughallas army captured the capital of India and took control of much of the country.

Mughalo soldiers were later known as sakshi (marshals) or jagadars, because they were responsible for keeping order.

Sakshi were considered to have the highest rank among mughallals.

They had the most power and prestige in the maul, or court, of the capital, and their military might was so great that they ruled over a vast area of the Empire.

The sakshis were often called the best soldiers of the Indian army, but they also had their fair share of corruption.

The British, in 1682, occupied India, and established the Maungdas Calcutta as the capital in the British India.

During this period, the sakhs were forced to work as slaves in a British colony.

The British did not allow the saks to leave the colony, but forced them to work in the fields of the colony.

In order to work, they were forced, day and night, to wear a garment made of cowhide and wool.

The saks were not allowed to take off the clothing and the sakhis were beaten if they refused to wear it

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