How to wear a bikini and get into the fight

The women were part of a women’s military outfit to train in Kuwait, and they were asked to wear the same uniform that the troops wear.

“Female uniform for training is very similar to the men’s uniform,” said Nasser Al-Fassi, a spokesman for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense.

“The basic idea is that women will wear what they want and men will wear whatever they want.

And they will wear their head coverings in a very different way.”

Al-Nasser, however, said the new uniform was designed to be worn by women who have not yet reached puberty and are comfortable with wearing their hair in a more natural style.

Kuwaiti women can now wear the head covering, which is now standard for the troops, as long as it is not too short.

It is not a requirement to wear it for military training, but the military says the women will get used to it.

The new female uniform for Kuwaiti female soldiers is expected to be ready for use on July 15, 2018.

Kuwait has also issued a directive to the female soldiers to cover their heads when not on duty, a rule that was followed by the other female soldiers in the outfit.

In a statement, Kuwaiti Defense Ministry spokesman Al-Otaiba Al-Rashidi said that Kuwaiti authorities are concerned about the uniform and that they want the new regulations to be reviewed and enforced.

“We have been following the new guidance from the government and the international community and will ensure that this is enforced,” he said.

Kuwait will not tolerate any kind of sexual or physical abuse against women in the military,” Al-Raqqawi said. “

There are also problems in the country with female dress and grooming.

Kuwait will not tolerate any kind of sexual or physical abuse against women in the military,” Al-Raqqawi said.

Al-Raqawi also said that the female uniform is intended to be used by the women who are at least 18 years old and who are not under 18 years of age.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education also issued the directive on Friday.

Al-Shaib said in a statement that the uniform has been approved by the Ministry and that it will be worn at Kuwait’s universities and institutions.

Kuwait also plans to change the uniform in other provinces.

The military said it would also begin a trial of new uniforms to allow for women to wear their old uniforms.

The Kuwaiti government is also reviewing the regulations and has ordered that it be implemented in other areas of the country. Read more:

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