‘Kashmiris dress like men’

Indian women are dressing like men with tight, colorful clothing, but the trend has drawn criticism.

A group of Kashmiri dress women who are known as the “Kashmi Sisters” posted a YouTube video last month saying they wear their hijabs, headscarves and tight pants to social events to attract attention.

They also posted a photo of themselves in the same clothes and posing for photos with their girlfriends.

Their Facebook page said their style is the result of a strict diet of Muslim men and a desire to blend in with their culture.

“We are just like them, we don’t care about our looks,” said Naina, who goes by the stage name Masha.

“We love being Kashmiri, and we have a very good sense of humour.”

They’re part of a movement of Kashmiris who have embraced the Islamic headscarf as a way to wear their culture to social gatherings.

They’re not the first to wear a hijab, but they are the first group to have a female face on a headscarve.

They dress as if they’re in the company of a male in their video, adding: “We are proud to wear our hijab.

It’s our right as women and we will wear it in public.””

We dress up in our hijabs to show we are not in a society where we have to hide our identity.

Our headscarfs are so much more revealing,” Naina said.

“I don’t feel ashamed, I’m proud.”

While it may seem like a trend among the more conservative Kashmiris, the sisters are not the only ones wearing the hijab.

A Facebook page called “Hijab in Kashmir” has attracted thousands of followers, with the group posting photos of themselves with the hijab on their Instagram accounts.

“I am not afraid to wear hijab, even though I wear my hijab everyday.

It makes me feel safe,” said Sarfaraz, who identifies as a Hindu.

She said she wears her hijab in public to show people that Kashmiris are not ashamed of their culture, and that she is not ashamed to be a Muslim.

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