‘All the best for my son’: Family reunification after divorce

A woman who is divorcing her husband is going to the White House for his inauguration.

But the story of her marriage has been a dramatic roller coaster of highs and lows.

Her story has been covered in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other outlets.

The Associated Press has a video about the story.

The story of JoAnn, whose husband divorced her in 2003, began with a very ordinary life, according to her husband, David.

He told The New York Daily News that his wife, who had a job working as a cashier at a grocery store, fell in love with him at age 14.

They married and had two sons.

In the years after, he said, she fell in and out of jobs and was homeless, living in a trailer park.

She came out to her family, and then to her children.

When her children were young, she told them she had suffered an epileptic seizure.

They were terrified.

When she got home one day, she found that her husband had left the trailer park, the man said.

She called him and told him she was leaving.

He said he’d just be back in a few days.

She never got a phone call.

After the divorce, she worked as a night shift clerk at a gas station.

She was a hard worker.

She was a mom.

But when her husband got a job at a company, she said, he made a mistake.

The husband then left her with his mistress and children.

JoAnn’s ex-husband, David, told the AP that he had no choice but to pay for her children’s college tuition because of the high cost of living in the state.

His ex-wife said she wanted to get the children into private school.

JoAnn said her children had never had a tutor.

The kids would come to school with their fathers.

They would never talk to him because he was a big, big troublemaker, she recalled.

She started working as an escort, but after the divorce her husband started to harass her again.

She said she told him no more.

When she asked why, he responded, “Because you’re a woman.

You can do whatever you want.”

She told her husband she wanted her kids to go to school.

He told her no.

She said, “I’ll see you later.”

David said his ex-battler is still trying to get his money back.

He said he had to fight to get a restraining order to keep his wife from seeing him.

He has been paying for her medical bills, his ex told the Associated Press.

He says he hopes she can stay home and take care of her kids, but he said he’s scared she’ll take over the house.

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