Egypt’s top female dress maker says she’s ‘ready to leave’

Egyptian women’s fashion designers have a long way to go in making their way from a small, tightly-knit community to the mainstream.

But one woman is taking a bold step to change the perception that they’re just the ladies who go out and have fun in the night.

Egyptian women’s dress maker Ani, who goes by the name Ani al-Dhabi, is known for her bold design and attention to detail, with a large and varied repertoire of styles and colours.

She has become the latest female designer to make headlines for her efforts to bring a modern, sophisticated and sophisticated look to Egypt’s most popular and expensive clothing category.

Ani, 33, started her career as a fashion designer in 2007, before switching to a career as an interior designer.

She became a designer with the popular label Lifestyle in 2013, where she also became the fashion editor.

Her work with Lifestyle has won awards, including the 2015 International Style Awards.

Ani is a designer who wants to take a bold leap and become the first female fashion designer.

In an interview with The Associated Press last month, she said she is not satisfied with the status quo.

“I think I’m a very smart person and I’m willing to change my own life to achieve my goals,” she said.

A recent survey by the Associated Press-GfK International Beauty and Fashion magazine showed Egyptian women were dissatisfied with the fashion industry.

More than two-thirds of the respondents said they were unhappy with the way they feel about their clothes and about the fashion brands that represent them.

According to the survey, 77 percent of Egyptian women are dissatisfied with their clothes, compared to the 77 percent who said they are satisfied with their lifestyle.

However, Ani’s stance on the fashion market is not limited to her own work.

Her work with Luxor, a brand that has long been synonymous with Egyptian women, also earned her the admiration of international brands and celebrities.

Luxor’s owner, Amr El-Khedab, is among the most influential men in Egypt, and he has also made a point of creating a personal relationship with the country’s most famous woman.

El-Khadab is known as one of the world’s richest men and one of Egypt’s wealthiest men.

His company owns luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana.

In 2015, he bought a 6.5 percent stake in Lifestyle, and it is now one of his biggest assets.

As the leader of Luxor’s flagship brand, the brand was the target of many boycotts and protests by Egyptian women who felt that it was not a fashion brand that represented them.

It also angered the United States, which said it had not been consulted on the deal.

It was not the first time that Ani had become a household name.

She has won the 2017 World Designers Award, and her work has also been featured in The New Yorker and The Atlantic magazine.

For the past three years, she has been working with her mother, a former beauty queen who died in 2008.

Before her mother died, Anjelah Ibrahim became a fashion icon for the Egyptian fashion industry and the country.

She was the first Egyptian woman to win the prestigious Peller Vermeil International Design Award.

But Anjels mother died before she could get a chance to wear the award.

Despite the fact that her mother’s fashion style was not popular, she became a model for Lifestyle and eventually worked with them.

Ibrahim said that Anj el-Kaddas mother was a big influence on her and that she had a lot of respect for her mother.

While Ani has not taken any immediate steps to leave the fashion business, she does not rule out the possibility.

She said: “It’s possible to change things if you are determined.”

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