How to make a dress that’s sexy and wearable without being too girly

If you’re looking for a short, sleek and feminine look for the evening, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few ways to make your very own dress that will add a sparkle to any outfit.1.

Get a cute little cardigan from a local department store.2.

Buy some cute knit socks.3.

Take the plunge and buy some cute t-shirts.4.

Buy a few cute dresses.5.

Make a dress for yourself with a fancy embellishment and some cute embellishments, like a rose or tulle bow.6.

Pick up some fancy necklaces or earrings and buy a few of them.7.

Get your own designer earrings.8.

Buy yourself a new dress.9.

Get yourself a custom floral or sequin dress from your favorite store and make it your own.10.

Create a dress to be worn by the groom.11.

Make your own sequin earrings or earlobe earrings to go with your dress.12.

Get some cute ribbon for the bride.13.

Make some of your own wedding bands and accessories.14.

Get creative with a necklace and earrings for the wedding party.15.

Put on some cute flowers for the reception party.16.

Pick out some of the best bridal accessories for your next wedding.17.

Get an extra special look for your wedding with a floral print and ribbon dress or a floral bouquet.18.

Get married to a gorgeous, sexy and fabulous bride, groom or groomsman.19.

Make the most of your next engagement.20.

Get ready for the day ahead with a look that will make you happy and inspired.

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