How to dress as a Greek in an esports fashion show

An article by Fox News contributor, Erin Andrews, has been circulating online, sharing a video that shows women wearing female attire in a fashion show.

The video, titled “The Real Greek Dress,” shows an anime-inspired dress with a zipper closure and a skirt, while holding the skirt up in front of her.

In the background is a screen that shows an esports player, who is wearing the same attire.

A clip from the video, “The real Greek dress” can be seen below.

It has been shared more than 5,000 times, with over 1,400 people commenting on it.

Fox News reporter Kelly O’Connor, who has been covering esports in the United States, was among those who commented.

She wrote, “I’m from Iowa, so I can’t wait to see the girls in that dress, and maybe I’ll even be able to buy it!

It’s a Greek outfit!”

Her video was posted to YouTube on Friday, May 10.

In the video , the young girl can be heard asking for the video to be taken down, but the page is still up.

The story has been updated with more details about the dress.

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