A colourful, colorful and a little bit strange, the Marathi costume

A colourful Marathi dress is not something you see every day in your local neighbourhood or any Indian mall.

But that’s what a woman dressed in a pink dress with a headband looks like.

The colourful, colourful and a bit strange look that the female costume is often associated with has made it a hit with fashion-forward Marathi women who want to show off their outfits and express their femininity.

“I feel I am in love with the idea of dressing up as a woman,” says Shaina, a fashion designer in the capital, New Delhi.

“The dresses are a great way of making people feel special.

The colours are also a way of expressing your femininity.”

Shaina, who has worked as a designer for more than 10 years, first became aware of the costume in 2014 when she was shopping at a department store in Delhi.

“It was one of the few dresses I could find that was colourful and fun, and it looked pretty good,” she recalls.

Shaina’s dress was colourful, and fun.

But she was also aware of some of the rules.

“The dress code was that it had to be pink, and if it wasn’t pink, the store staff had to tell you, ‘Sorry, we don’t like pink’,” she recalls, laughing.

“But the rules of the dress code were: dress up in a way that is appropriate for your age and size, and wear a skirt or a miniskirt.”

“I had to learn the rules very quickly, and by the end of the year, I had mastered them,” says Sharish, another designer in New Delhi who has been dressing up for a few years.

Sharish says she loves dressing up and appreciates being able to wear a pink outfit at her workplace.

“But the dress I have chosen for myself is different from what I have worn in the past.

It is a little different in style and colours,” she says.”

When I was in college, I started wearing the dress that I had seen on TV.

I have always loved Marathi culture and culture of dress, and I like wearing Marathi clothes,” she adds.

“My dress is my signature and my way of showing my femininity and being different.”

As a fashionista, Sharish has learnt how to find and wear the right dress.

“When I first started doing fashion, I was so picky about what I wore.

I would wear something bright and colourful and bold, and the last thing I wanted was to be caught in the same kind of light as a man,” she explains.

“So, I think that my style is very much influenced by my past, and that my wardrobe is very influenced by what my family and friends have said about me.

I feel that this dress has been a part of my identity for years.”

Sharish’s dress, the ‘Saffron Dress’, is a pink, floral-print dress.

The dress has a small, open back and a slit in the front, making it possible to wear both a skirt and a minikirt.

Sharishing is a designer of the Maratha costume.

She was inspired by the colourful dresses of her mother’s family, who lived in the south of the country.

“I am very happy to wear Marathi dresses and I have been dressing as Marathi for a long time, and they have always made me feel like a Marathi woman,” she laughs.

“There is no such thing as a ‘dress that suits’ me, and there is no way to dress up or look different.

I can wear whatever I want.

It doesn’t matter what colour I am wearing.

I wear whatever colour I want, I don’t care what it is.””

If a man dressed as a Maratha dressed up in the dress, I would feel like he was doing it wrong.

The same goes for a woman who wears the Marathas costume.”

Sharish says Marathias dress can make people feel like they are more special.

“Marathi women dress as Marathis because it feels good to have a unique, colourful, feminine look,” she stresses.

Shisha has always been a fashion enthusiast, and now, she is going all-out. “

Shaina is a model for me, because she wears the dress as a reflection of herself and she has always felt that she has to wear this dress to make people believe in her.”

Shisha has always been a fashion enthusiast, and now, she is going all-out.

“After I started dressing up in Marathi, I decided to become a model, and also wear a Marathic dress, as I want to do to help other women like me become proud of our unique style,” she notes.

“This Marathi Dress is my attempt to help others who

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