How ‘Fashionably Fierce’ Inspired a ‘Femme Fatale’ Title: ‘Feminine Fatale'”

When the first female-led series on Fox’s animated channel Fox and Friends was announced last year, it seemed like the start of a new era for Fox’s female-driven series.

Fox’s sister channel Fox Family announced last month that it would be developing a series based on “Fashionable Fierce,” a fashion show that was created by the cast of the hit television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

The show, which was created in conjunction with The Fashion Institute of Technology, will follow the adventures of the show’s “Fierce,” as she tries to escape from a mansion where she has been locked away. 

The fashion show was created as a way to “give women the opportunity to tell their stories without having to worry about being judged by other women,” co-creator and executive producer Erica Balsamo said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. 

“Fashionability Fierce” will feature the same cast of characters from the show, but will also include a more diverse group of characters, including transgender characters.

The show will be produced by The Fashion Group, which also produces “Bachelor in Paradise,” which was a hit for Fox, and “Family Guy” on Adult Swim. 

Balsamo is the creator of the “Bachelorette” franchise, which has garnered the most Emmy nominations for a scripted series in history.

She also serves as co-executive producer of Fox’s upcoming “Criminal Minds” series. 

Fox’s new series will be co-produced by the same production company that created “Feminist Frequency,” the site said.

The series is expected to air on Fox at some point this year, although no date was given.

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