‘The only woman I know’: My mom is a warrior and she’s proud of it

Female warrior: She’s always smiling, always thinking of her family.

She’s a great mom, she always wants to be with her kids, she’s always there for her kids.

She’s never been asked to do anything.

She’ll do anything, she’ll do everything, she knows how to defend herself.

That’s what I’ve always known.

When I started playing soccer, she was just a girl, and I just loved the way she played soccer.

And that was the only time she ever really got me going.

Then she started playing basketball, and she really helped me get going.

Now she’s a professional, and we have a daughter together.

And she’s just always there, always watching me.

Now, I have my own daughter, and that’s a big thing for her, and it’s the only reason she’s doing what she is doing.

I don’t think anyone else could have been the one to raise me.

She was just so much like my mom.

Thats what makes her so special, and its why she’s so successful.

It’s just a really special mom, and thats why she has such a special legacy.

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