Woman in hijab says ‘I am not racist’

The hijab is a symbol of Muslim identity and has long been a source of controversy for many.

But it is a controversial dress for many Muslim women, and it’s been criticized by some as wearing a veil, which is forbidden in Islam.

The hijab, a head covering worn by many Muslims, is often worn by women from other cultures, including South Asian communities.

The veil is usually worn with a loose headscarf, but it’s also worn with long, loose hair that’s long enough to cover most of the face and neck.

Here’s what we know about the hijab and its impact on Muslim women.

What is the hijab?

The hijab or hijab is the traditional head covering of Muslims and it covers the whole face.

It covers the hair on the forehead, back, neck, and the face.

The most common versions of the hijab are: The hijab worn in Iran, which has a strict interpretation of Islam, and in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic state where many of the world’s Muslims live.

In some parts of the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, it’s worn only by Muslim women and girls.

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