You’re not the only one who’s getting a female pharaonic dress for the wedding: Wired

This isn’t just a fashion thing, but a way to make it easier for your guests to wear a wedding gown without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a traditional dress.

The new pharaonics come in a variety of sizes, and the designs have been designed to help you choose a dress that fits the style of the occasion. 

“I’m very excited to share with you a collection of our custom-made wedding dresses,” says Lauren M. Waggoner, the designer behind the wedding dresses.

“Our designers love the challenge of trying to come up with something different for a special occasion, so we’ve gone with an array of modern pieces to get our guests excited about the occasion.” 

Here are some of the designs: A vintage-inspired wedding dress from 2012  For an intimate, formal event, this dress has been crafted from a vintage-style silhouette.

It has a long backline, a slit down the front, and a full-length back skirt.

The dress has a flared neckline, and features a small corset in the front.

The skirt is draped with a full length skirt that is lined with fabric.

The design is reminiscent of the original gowns of the Pharaohs.

It is made with a fabric that will give you a modern, flattering look. 

A new style of Pharaonic Wedding Dress from 2013 A different twist on the traditional dress is the new Pharaonics.

The designs are inspired by the ancient Egyptian style.

They are designed with a modern twist to be a more casual look.

They come in an array sizes from a medium to large, and they have a long, full backline. 

The dress is made of cotton, which has a stretch and elastic that gives it a modern look.

The fabric is made up of two pieces, one that is more modern and one that was created specifically for the design. 

You can see more photos of the dress below. 

It is expected to be available for purchase in September for around $800.

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