Why do you think the anime industry is so sexist?

I think that’s the real issue.

As I said, the whole industry is sexist.

We all know that.

But the reason that it’s so misogynistic is because it’s a bunch of women who have no agency in the way that they dress and how they’re treated.

And they’re being treated like they don’t have agency, that they’re objects of sexual desire.

There’s a very specific subset of women in this industry that are treated like that.

It’s not about a woman’s sexuality, it’s about a lack of agency.

And that’s really scary to me.

You know, when you’re watching a show, you’re not just watching a woman who is a little bit less than the other women in the room, you also are watching a little girl who is being treated as though she’s not a human being, that she doesn’t exist.

That she’s disposable.

That you can’t have a relationship with her.

That the world can’t be her, and it’s not OK.

And I think the way we talk about that is really scary.

But I don’t know.

You have to get into a discussion with yourself about whether you think that way, and whether it’s OK.

Because you have to really look at your own behavior.

And if you do that, then you will understand why it’s that way.

So that’s why I don.t. know if it’s ok.

You see, I think I have a certain type of self-respect that’s always sort of in a certain place.

And so when I think about what I think of myself and what I’ve done for other women, I’m very aware of the fact that it is a small part of the larger picture.

And this is why I think a lot of women are afraid to say, “Look, I’ve been wronged.

And what I did was wrong.

And, you know, it happened to me, and I’m sorry.”

Because they don.

t think that there is a place for that.

And in the same way that you can say, I don t think I should be saying, I have done the wrong thing.

You can say that in a different way.

You don.

T know, and you can also say, well, I shouldn’t be saying that.

I have.

I did the wrong.

I was a victim.

And it was not my fault.

But that is very much the case.

So I don,t know if I’m in a position to say I should feel that way because I think it’s wrong.

But when you look at how we’re treated in the media, and the ways in which we’re objectified in our lives, that’s very, very scary.

And then I think, you go, I want to change it.

I want more women in my life to know that I am not a victim, that I’m not a slave, that there are other women out there who are not so afraid of that.

That they have agency in their lives.

And a lot more women will see them and say, yes, I do have agency.

I do want to be a part of that, and that means that I will change.

But if I don’ t, then I will always be a victim and that will never change.

That’s not ok.

I don”t think it is.

I think you should be able to change.

And when you do, you will be able, I promise you, to see a different world.

And you will see a better world for women.

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