Women wear female dress shorts and female work dresses to protest the election of President-elect Joe Biden

By MATT SHELTONPosted December 08, 2016 11:00:22A female dress in a variety of styles is one of the most widely worn ways to show support for President Joe Biden’s election, and some of the women who wear them are women of color.

In the past, Biden’s campaign and allies have used the costumes to draw attention to their candidate’s alleged lack of diversity and inclusion in the public eye.

But this time, the costumes are being worn by women of different races and backgrounds, who say the costumes have made a big difference in their lives and helped them feel more comfortable talking about the issues they care about.

In a statement to TechCrunch, a spokesperson for the campaign said the campaign would not be commenting on the costume trends.

“The Biden campaign will not be engaging in a discussion about the costumes that women wear.

We’ve seen how well this campaign has resonated with African-American women who have been deeply impacted by the election,” said spokesperson Erin Jentleson.

Jentlesons statement is consistent with Biden’s team’s statements about the costume trend. “

The Biden camp is proud of the diversity of our team, and the many different styles and styles of the campaign’s costume collections are made with love and care to represent the diversity that our community has built and continues to build for itself.”

Jentlesons statement is consistent with Biden’s team’s statements about the costume trend.

In a statement released Thursday, Biden campaign spokesperson Adam Jentelson said, “Women have long been a part of the Biden family, but now they are standing up for their rights and for the values of equality and opportunity that Biden believes in.”

Jenson said the Biden team is also making the costume a more inclusive option for people of color in the future.

“We have begun looking at other ways to celebrate the women of all races and identities and we are committed to making sure we are not excluding any group of women in our campaigns,” Jenson said.

“For example, we’re going to continue to highlight the roles that women play in our economy, and we will continue to be a champion for the issues of justice and equality that African-Americans have worked so hard to fight for.

We will be supporting all women by giving them equal opportunities to succeed.”

Jentsons statement echoed comments from Vice President Joe Rangel, who told the New York Times that Biden’s supporters should be able to dress up in costumes of their choice.

“There are lots of ways to wear the dress that is traditionally associated with black culture, and I’m not going to tell you that you can’t dress up as a cowboy or a black person,” Rangel said.

“But I think that’s a lot of fun.

I’m a little embarrassed about my own dress, but I think it’s a great opportunity for the folks in the audience to go out and show off what they’re wearing.”

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