‘It’s really important to make a statement’: How a young woman was inspired by the dress of her future husband

Posted October 06, 2019 16:12:33 A 17-year-old Australian woman has used her platform on social media to share her story of growing up in a hijab.

A photo posted by Zara Haweia, the daughter of an award-winning sports commentator, shows the young woman dressed in a black polo and hijab.

She told ABC News the photo sparked a conversation about whether the dress was a fashion statement or just a reflection of a young Muslim woman’s identity.

Zara said the idea of dressing up in hijab was one of her favourite things to do, but she also wanted to share the story of how it started.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing because it’s not something that you see in your parents’ or your parents-in-law’s photos, but it’s something that I’ve felt a connection with,” she said.

“I’m a little girl growing up, I’m like, ‘What’s the big deal?’.” I think it’s important to create a space for all the different groups of people to be heard and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Zana Haweiah, 17, told ABC the inspiration for the dress came from her dad, who she said grew up in the 1970s wearing a turban.

“When my dad was growing up I really didn’t know how to wear a turbans because I was a bit young, but my mum was really strict and always told me that I had to wear one,” she told ABC.

“She was very strict about it, she always told us that if I got in trouble for something, my turban had to be in the same place as my shoes, that it had to look like that.”

It’s one of those things that we have to be really aware of because if we don’t, then our parents might start thinking that we’re not good enough for them.

That’s what she told me to do,” Zara explained. “

Growing up, my mum always told my dad that I have to wear my turbants in the exact same spot as my boots.

That’s what she told me to do,” Zara explained.

“The hijab was just one of the things that she taught me, to wear something like that.”

Zara has since been inspired to make other dresses out of clothing she had collected from her mum’s collection.

“In my mind, I just started thinking about what I was going to wear, and I started researching and then I realised that I couldn’t wear a dress because I wasn’t comfortable in that way,” she added.

“So I decided to try and make a dress that I would wear to school and to parties and I ended up having a few ideas about the colours and the fabrics and the colours of the dress.”

The dress Zara is wearing to school was inspired in part by her mother Zara’s turban Zara says she’s often asked why her dress is considered a fashion comment rather than a fashion symbol.

“Some people think that it’s a fashion thing, but I think people just want to see a hijab,” she explained.

Zola said she had been inspired by her mum, who encouraged her to dress up in her favourite colours and styles.

“My mum was always very proud of me for wearing this colour, because I didn’t have a lot of choices when it came to colours, and she would say, ‘No, don’t wear blue, don’ wear purple, and if you want to wear turquans, don'” she said of her mother.

“But her advice really was, ‘dress how you want and make it work, don”t make it your own’.

“I’m not trying to dress like her, but for me, I was really influenced by her advice and I have a couple of ideas about how I’m going to dress in the future.”

Zora has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy a turquan.

“We’re going to buy the turquants that we got from my mum, and then we’ll buy new turquanas and make new dresses for school and parties,” she shared.

“If you want your turban to be like hers, please donate to my GoFundme.”

Zana said the support of her mum and friends has helped her get through the experience.

They’re really hurting my parents. “

They say that I’m doing something wrong, that I can’t do anything, and they’re hurting me.

And I’m really trying to take a stand because

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