Muslim women wear pakistan’s female dress

The Pakistani Taliban have banned women from wearing traditional clothing that is traditionally associated with women and girls.

A new bill has been drafted to force women to cover up.

The bill is named “Sharia law and Islamic dress” and aims to force Muslim women to wear Islamic attire and wear the hijab, the head of the mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) movement told AFP news agency on Saturday.

“We have been pushing for the hijab since 2005,” he said.

“This was the only thing that was not in their religion.

It was the reason why they [Muslims] did not have it.

Now it has become the religion.”

The bill seeks to force Muslims to cover their heads and faces, which would make them legally blind.

It also stipulates that women will be required to wear burkas or head scarves.

The proposed bill was tabled in parliament on Friday and has already been passed by the House of Representatives, but will now go to President Asif Ali Zardari for final approval.

Zardari has vowed to introduce the bill “without delay”.

“There is no place for discrimination against women in the country,” he told reporters.

“The women’s rights and rights for girls should be a priority.”

The proposed legislation was introduced after a court ruled that a woman had to cover her face in public after her father, a local cleric, was killed by militants.

In a similar case last year, a court in Peshawar banned women wearing veils from wearing religious garments, and a woman in the city of Rawalpindi was fined for wearing a headscarf.

Earlier this year, Pakistan’s military chief ordered a ban on wearing headscarves at public events.