WATCH: Woman wearing female dress form on the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — A woman wearing a female form of dress form the Supreme Day parade is being hailed as a symbol of the women’s rights movement.

Peshawaria, the Iranian name for the dress form, is used to describe women wearing it at political events, funerals and other occasions.

In Washington, D.C., at the annual parade, women dressed in the dress formed part of the parade, but some did not, according to the parade’s official Facebook page.

Some were wearing red dresses, others wore blue, and some wore green or yellow.

In a statement issued Thursday, the group said, “As a symbol, it’s time for the American women to dress more traditionally, and to have the rights of women respected and protected.”

Peshavari, a traditional Iranian dress form from the 17th century, is worn during the annual Iranian Islamic Festival of Lights ceremony on the Iranian National Day, which celebrates the founding of the country in 1979.

Pashto, the Persian name for Persian dress, means dress form and is commonly worn by women.

The form is considered a symbol for the female rights movement and the fight against oppression and discrimination, according the Pashto Women’s Organization.