Why it’s OK to dress like a female in the NFL

A woman is dressed like a woman in the world of the NFL.

That is, she is wearing a skirt, a dress and makeup, even if the game itself doesn’t have a logo to represent that gender.

This is not the first time a female player has done this.

In 2009, the New York Jets rookie receiver LaRon Landry wore a skirt and a white dress to an NFL media session.

And the next year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cornerback Trumaine Johnson also wore a white skirt to the media.

Johnson has since said she was wearing a dress because it wasn’t “fashionable” for her to do so.

The NFL has tried to make it clear that women are not allowed to wear the same outfit to the press conference as a male player, and it has also banned players from wearing skirts in the locker room.

So far, this hasn’t stopped female players from showing off their fashion choices.

And this year, it’s also become an issue of fashion.

On Sunday, a Houston Texans’ rookie running back, Whitney Mercilus, was the first woman to break the NFL’s dress code when she wore a short dress to a press conference.

She was then followed by a pair of blue-and-white leggings.

The league said it wasn�t the first dress code violation for a female running back this season.

On Monday, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) said it will appeal the league�s ruling and is in the process of drafting a statement.