When will the next cuban be born?

New Scientist article The future of cuban is uncertain.

The species is on the brink of extinction.

The last male cuban, in fact, died in 2013.

But there are signs that the species could one day emerge from the extinction.

What are the prospects?

The cuban population has been on the decline for the last 15 years, partly because of poaching, according to the WWF, a US-based conservation organisation.

But now there are a few females in the wild and it is hoped that a new male will take over in a few years.

There is also hope that the world’s first captive breeding program for cubans, called The Babysit, will be able to produce enough cubans to be released to the wild.

The Babiesit was launched in 2015.

It is designed to be a temporary facility until the world finally agrees to a captive breeding programme.

However, the WWF has warned that “the only way that we can ensure the survival of the species and the future of the cuban world is to continue to work together in order to produce cubans”.

How do you know if a cuban looks different from other species?

You may recognise the familiar patterns of yellowish, white and red on the head of a cubans mother, as well as the distinctive ears, tail and tail fin.

These are the characteristics of a male.

Scientists hope that these markings will allow them to identify the species, which is why a study published in February found that the “most common characteristics” of the first baby of a female cuban was her long neck and her “lateral tail” (a type of tuft of fur on the back of the tail).

But the WWF warns that this is a poor predictor of future traits.

“The most reliable indicator is whether or not she is female or male,” said Richard O’Brien, the group’s director of captive breeding.

“This is where the real problems begin.

Males are more likely to have the same characteristics, but they are more variable in appearance.”

What are some other species of cubans?

There are other species which can look like a cuba, such as the endangered blue-eyed black-footed ferret, the grey-capped black-crowned black-backed leopard and the spotted white-tailed leopard.

But they are still rare in captivity, and are much rarer than the cubans.

Where can I see more about cubans in the world?

The World Wildlife Fund has a website where you can learn more about how the cubs are kept.

The organisation also has a series of videos on YouTube which you can watch to get a sense of what it’s like to be in the cuba world.

You can also visit the zoo’s website, www.worldwildlife.org.

The website also has information on how you can help save the cubas life, including how to adopt and care for cubas.

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