A woman who wore a dress that included a bikini body has died

A woman dressed as a warrior in a bikini in a video posted to Instagram last week has died, her family has said.

The video shows the 30-year-old from St. Paul, Minnesota, who was identified as Tiana Vakil from the small town of Lakeville, Minnesota.

Vakil is one of many women who wear the dress in a fashion that reflects the war-era gender wars that have raged since the Vietnam War.

A photo posted by Tiana (@tiana_vakil) on Jan. 31, 2018 at 6:19am PSTThe video of the woman wearing the bikini appeared on Instagram last Thursday, prompting a flurry of criticism on social media.

“She was just a person who was passionate about her craft, and she did it to express her love for her community and her community’s pride in women,” her mother, Mary Kay Vakils, told ABC News.

She said she never knew the person who posted the photo of the body, which has since been deleted, but she believes it was a fake account.

“They didn’t get the message that this is something that people are going to see and that this was not OK,” she said.

Vikil was also the recipient of a Make-A-Wish scholarship in her name.

The scholarship was awarded in March, and was later returned, the family said.ABC News’ Amy Albrecht contributed to this report.