Greeks wear Greek female dress

GREEK FEMALE Dresses have become a fixture in the Greek dressing room as the country’s women look to shake off the stigma that is associated with being a female athlete.

“There is an old saying: ‘I want to wear a dress, but you are not allowed to put a dress on me,'” said one female Greek professional who declined to be identified.

The Greek Professional League, which has about 30 teams, has a strict dress code.

But while most women play in the domestic league, the Greek national team plays in the EPL, a women’s division that also includes the Greek league’s other clubs, as well as the women’s Greek league.

Players and coaches wear the dressing room’s “greek female” dress code, with the only exception being the women who play in Greece’s international women’s tournaments.

The dress code was adopted in 1997 to reduce “girlish” behaviour in the dressing rooms, which was often described as “the dressing room of the Greek women.”

The rule, however, was only enforced for the women of the ECL.

But now the Greek Professional Leagues is considering a new rule that will ban any female players from wearing any “graphic or indecent” clothes in public, including on the field.

“We are going to introduce a rule to forbid female players to wear any dress other than the traditional greek woman’s dress,” league chairman Panagiotis Beryllas told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Beryllasa told the AP that the new rule would take effect in 2021 and the league would also consider banning women from wearing shorts in the indoor league.

The league will also allow women to wear skirts in the league’s women’s league and the men’s league.

“In the future, we will have a female professional football team, which will be called a club,” Berylla said.

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