When you are the first lady, don’t forget your honeymoon dresses

The first lady is the most coveted figure of the modern presidency, and for good reason.

But for those lucky enough to be living under a Trump presidency, it’s a bit of a strange arrangement.

First lady Melania Trump is not only the first female president of the United States, she’s also a member of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

That means that she can wear her trademark white dresses at White House events and get away with wearing something less provocative for a couple of months of the year.

And as Melania’s role at the Whitehouse has expanded, so too has her wardrobe.

Here’s a look at some of the first ladies’ favorite outfits for their honeymoon.

If you’re a first lady and you want to be in style during your honeymoons, you need to know your dress code, too.

Melania Trump’s white dresses are pretty, but you should definitely consider buying a dress in a color that will blend in well with her other wardrobe.

First ladies have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of colorways, but they’re not limited to the standard white, blue and pink options.

You can go for the more muted black or grey.

If the WhiteHouse.com wedding planner, Laura O’Neil, is the type of person who wears her hair in a ponytail and is pretty confident in her skills as a wedding planner (she’s also the first woman ever to have the White house’s “Gentlewoman of the Year Award”), then you can do the same with her favorite outfit.

O’Neil has worked as the wedding planner for First Lady Michelle Obama, first lady Michelle Bachelet and the first couple of First Lady Jill Biden.

And she knows exactly what she likes when it comes to her wedding dresses.

“I love the classic, minimal pieces,” she says.

“I love a little bit of the fun of making a statement.

I love a bit more contrast.”

So what are you waiting for?

Start saving up now, and plan to wear a pair of red, white and blue dresses when you get there.