Google to introduce gender-neutral dress for employees

Google is planning to offer gender-specific dress for its employees, according to an internal memo obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

The plan, which is expected to be announced this month, will allow for a “slightly more relaxed” approach to dress that would allow employees to wear more feminine clothing, according the memo, which was obtained by the Journal.

Google says it’s still working out details of what will be considered a “feminine” dress and will make its recommendation on a person’s dress-like options in consultation with a human resources department.

Google also said it would be “working to make the company’s diversity policy consistent across its workforce.”

The change would be an improvement over past policies, which have largely required women to wear a uniform and have an overall uniform look.

Women have historically worked in the most physically demanding fields, and men in more managerial roles tend to wear uniforms and have their hair styled.

Google said it is exploring other ways to help people who may be more comfortable wearing clothing that’s less stereotypically feminine, like the “sporty” style of casual dresses.

The company’s goal is to improve the way its employees wear their clothes, which can be a source of stress for women, the memo said.

The company also said employees can now wear a dress that matches their gender identity.

The changes come amid growing concern about how women are treated in tech and the workplace.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently found that the tech industry has a problem with “microaggressions,” in which employees are treated differently based on the gender they identify as.

That issue has prompted several tech companies, including Google, to set up panels to discuss gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace, including in hiring and promotions.