How to Dress Up as a Vampire in Balochistan

A group of Baloch women have created a vampire dress up for the holidays, which they say is “finally going to be accepted in Pakistan”.

The dress, which has a “vampire face” and is worn under a white and black cloak, has been created by a group of women, known as the Baloch Women of Baluchistan (BWBS), on Facebook.

“We have been wearing the dress for several years, but we wanted to share this with everyone,” the group’s Facebook page reads.

“For us, this is our first time to wear the dress.

We hope it will inspire other women to wear this dress.”

Balochistan is one of the poorest provinces in Pakistan and one of India’s most conservative regions.

The Balochis are a nomadic people who live in semi-arid and arid regions in the north of the country.

They are a Muslim minority who have suffered under the rule of Pakistan’s military rulers.

The dress is part of a series of festive events to celebrate the end of winter.

The CWBS also launched a Facebook page on Friday, where the group said the costume is inspired by Baloch culture.

“People are showing interest in our costume and we are excited to share it with everyone in the community,” it added.

“Our goal is to make this costume a staple in the homes of people of Baluchestan.”

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